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P&P Classica is specialized in rare and less recorded classical music pieces, mainly, but not only, from the Italian baroque repertoire. 

Our catalogue contains our mainstream CD titles that you might order on-line as a customer or for your company. By clicking on a title, you can view more information about each CD, about its composers and performers, and listen on-line to samples of the recordings. Please click here for a list of our forthcoming titles. You might also download a pdf file with our catalogue (in Italian).

A note about our special, uniquely crafted CD packaging formats: coverpaks contain 1 CD with a 16 page removable booklet inserted in an internal elegant pocket with text in English and Italian. Coverbooks contain 2 CDs with a glued 20 page book in English and Italian. Click here to view and read more about our CD packaging formats!

We also produce CDs for corporate clients.

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