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Artistic Activities

P&P Classica took on in 1994 the legacy of the non-profit association Centro di Promozione Artistica, whose activities consisted in promoting young, talented Italian performers and rare pieces of Italian baroque music. The results of this work can be judged from our catalogue. Even if the latter has expanded and our performers now are also established Orchestras and Maestros, we still spend much of our time in artistic activities and promotions in addition to the CDs you can browse in the rest of this site. Here you might find some links to information about such activities.

From Baroque to the Present (Dal Barocco ai tempi nostri)
On-line repository of Baroque music information and links

A project started in 1985 by the cultural association Centro di Promozione Artistica for the rediscovery and appreciation of rare pieces of Italian classical music, starting with the Baroque period. We are building on-line what we want to be the on-line repository of Baroque music information and links.

We have organized concerts in Italy and in the United Kingdom, with performers such as Orchestra di Santa Cecilia, Uto Ughi and Michele Campanella. Our concerts have been recorded and broadcasted by RAI - Italian national television.

Other Activities
P&P Classica is proud of having recorded with young musicians with outstanding talent such as Stefania Cafaro or Vincenzo Bolognese. P&P Classica also produces soundtracks for theatre, television and cinema productions.

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