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Promote and market your business through classical CDs and concerts.
Order existing CDs and personalize their external packaging.
Personalize the booklet and the CD packaging with your company's message.
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Information about Promozione and Produzione

Why "Corporate Services" for a music publishing company? Are you a company, a studio, a professional? What services can we offer to you?

We offer to companies and corporations the possibility of personalizing and customizing our music production to send an unique marketing/advertising message to their clients and their employees.

When we started under the label of Centro di Promozione Artistica - more than 15 years and 120,000 CDs ago - the ambitious project "From Baroque to the Present" (to rediscover and promote gems of the Italian baroque music tradition), we were helped in our mission by some corporations. They "signed" as sponsors our recordings, in return for the financial assistance in the selection and production of our material.
These collaborations worked so well, that some of these corporations became regular clients, using our CDs as precious, original, personalized gifts for their most important clients and employees.
Now that our catalogue and our performers have grown and expanded, we are able to offer to a broader range of companies and corporations the possibility of sending an unique marketing message through music - either by selecting and personalizing recordings from our CD catalogue, or choosing the exciting option of a brand new production to be discussed with our managers. The quality of the recordings and the packaging last longer than any other promotional, marketing tool; they associate forever the company presenting them to a product full of beauty, passion and distinction.
Please feel free to browse through our options below. You might be interested in one; we will be delighted to answer your queries.

Corporate Gifts
Buy existing CDs, or personalize their external package.
For orders above 100 CDs, we can personalize the external package of our CDs and offer to small/medium sized companies and studios unique gifts for clients and employees. You can choose from our catalogue and benefit of our corporate gifts discount. You can have an idea of the unique format of our packaging and quality of our recordings browsing through our music pages.
Please contact our representatives for details.

Sales Promotions
For larger orders, personalize the internal part of the CD packaging with your message. For orders above 1000 CDs, your company can personalize every element of our production: the CD, the packaging and the booklet itself, thus offering a unique message. Browse also our music pages for our current Catalogue, and contact us by email.

New productions
Start a new CD production: our decennial experience in classical music recording and live performing, and our portfolio of gifted and famous artists make us able to produce CDs and organize concerts and promotional activities for corporations.
In order to discuss the feasibility of your project or just to know more, please contact us at corpservices@ppmusic.com, by phone at +39063338370, by fax at +39063336529.

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