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Information about Promozione and Produzione

Chances are that you have never heard of us.
 But in the last 10 years P&P Classica (Promozione e Produzione Music Publishers) has produced and shipped around the world more than 120,000 CDs - high-quality own classical recordings, presented in uniquely crafted and personalized packages, distributed through alternative channels. 
From this website, we plan to do more, and better.

Promozione e Produzione Music Publishers is an Italian-based company that produces classical, rare recordings through its labels: P&P Classica and P&P Classica. Promozione Promozione e Produzione was created in 1994 to expand the artistic activities and mission previously realized by the non-profit association Centro di Promozione Artistica For over 10 years the Centro di Promozione Artistica produced concerts and realized recordings of Italian baroque music with some of most talented Italian young performers, to rediscover and promote gems of the Italian baroque music tradition. We were helped in our mission by some corporations and multinationals, who acted as sponsor and freely distributed our recordings, in return for the financial assistance in the selection and production of our material.

Since 1994, Promozione e Produzione's mission has taken over the promotion and production of classical music through concerts and own recordings. We have expanded our interests beyond Italian baroque music, but we have preserved our commitment towards (primarily) rare or less executed classical pieces, presented in uniquely crafted and personalized packages, recorded by Italian outstanding performers and Orchestras- young and established ones alike.

Our products can now be purchased by the general public on-line as well as in few selected stores around the world. Or they can be acquired and customized by other corporations and companies, that want to offer personalized presents to their clients and employees. 
Our recordings might be found the Catalogues of the Barbican Centre in London, The Italian Institute in London, and several libraries and Music Schools in Italy.


Promozione e Produzione
V. B. Gosio 85
00191 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 06 3338370
Fax: +39 06 3336529
Promozione e Produzione
London office (9-18 GMT only):
Tel: +44 7050 693377
Fax: +44 7050 693378
or: info@ppmusic.com

For general information: info@ppmusic.com
For corporate contacts: g_carlevar@ppmusic.com
For any query regarding sales: sales@ppmusic.com
For any query regarding this website: ppmusic@ppmusic.com

The Board

Giancarlo Acquisti, MD and Artistic Director
Diploma in piano and composition, Laurea in Economics. Responsible for several years of the Marketing Department of a large multinational of which he remains external consultant. Music editor of Progress and Progress International. Music advisor for advertising companies. Music collaborator for FONIT-CETRA.

Alessandro Acquisti, Director of ECommerce, Label Manager
Classical piano studies and composer qualification from SIAE. Author of theatre, television and cinema soundtracks. He started collaborating with P&P Classica in 1994 as assistant producer. Since then he has managed the company's foreign markets and its Internet development. Since 1998 he is P&P Classica's Label Manager.

Giusy Carlevaris, Corporate Services
Classical music studies. Since 1984, initiator of the Centro di Promozione Artistica and then Promozione e Produzione Srl. Since 1994 she has been the principal contact between corporations looking for sponsoring programs and P&P Classica.



Antonella Karlon, Marketing and PR

Giulio Milla, Accounting

Michal Oulik, Site Design

Roberto Lanzo, Audio and Music programming

Umberto Vassallo, Coordination and Organization

Music Assistants - Credits in relevant CDs

Music Consultants - Credits in relevant CDs

Editors - Credits in relevant Booklets

External collaborators

Matthew M FForde, Booklets translations  

Giorgio Agazzi (Trafalgar), Sound/Audio Engineer

Maurizio Mariani (Trafalgar), Sound/Audio Engineer

Pozzoli Srl (Milan), CDs Manufacturing and Packaging

Grafite (Rome), Booklets Design

© P&P - Promozione e Produzione, Rome.