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Angelo Stefanato
Featured on:
Vivaldi cdc 007
Scarlatti/Vivaldi cdc 006/007
An absorbed expression, a penetrating gaze enlivened by the forceful light of eyes crowned by a pair of spectacles; two decisive hands which hold "his" famous Guadagnini violio of 1771; a clean-cut mastery of the violin which is also infused with passion, a soft sound, and a virtuosity which never becomes mere spectacle and is deeply immersed in the music which is played. Such is Angelo Stefanato, an artist who over the last decades has been engaged in various of forms of solo performance: with the great symphony orchestras, in chamber music with "II Quintetto Chigiano", the "Virtuosi di Roma" and the "Trio di Milano", and in the lecture hall.
Angelo Stefanato was born in Venice where he gained his diploma
under the guidance of Vittorio Fael at a very young age and with the highest possible marks. He then continued his studies under Vasa Prihoda at Salzburg. Stefanato is a member of the Academy of Santa Cecilia and is also the First Violin of the Symphony Orchestra of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia.
During his long and brilliant career he has taken millions of listeners by the hand through the high groves of great music and in so doing has won a number of important prizes and awards, including the "Sagittario d'Oro" for art. Stefanato is considered one of the greatest of interpreters of the music of Vivaldi and our version of the Four Seasons produced with the Chamber Orchestra of Santa Cecilia is destined to become one of the most important and memorable ever recorded, infused as it is with all the Venetian inheritance which only Stefanato could have been able to impart.

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